Throttle Body 3-Step Kit

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A more aggressive formula to safely clean the tenacious hard carbon deposits that
build up and choke performance in today’s new engine designs. True Brand® GDI
Complete Clean chemically cleans GDI fuel systems from the gas tank to the exhaust.
GDI Complete Clean requires NO ENGINE TEAR-DOWN – can be applied by techs of
all skill levels! Safe & effective for GDI & PFI gasoline piston engines.
• Cleans, lubricates, and protects against future deposits.
• Safely removes water and fights ethanol problems.
• Removes harmful deposits from induction systems, intake valves,
injector tips, and combustion chambers.
Designed for PFI engines to help reduce emissions while helping improve
performance and fuel economy. This unique kit uses a 2-stage cleaning
process that will lubricate while it cleans. It is designed to dissolve hard
carbon deposits, gums, and varnishes from injectors, valves,
upper cylinders, rings, throttle valve and body, idle air control valves, PCV valves, and
other parts of the air induction system.
• Helps remove water.
• Cleans & lubricates.
• Oxygen sensor safe.
• Safe for all gasoline piston engines.
• Induction Cleaner is NOT for rotary or diesel engines.

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