About Us

We are

APS, Automotive & Industrial Supply (APS) is a Puerto Rico local company with more than 35 years experience in the automotive industry.

Our main purpose is to become the main supplier of products and services for the automotive & Industrial market educating our customers on the use of eco friendly products we represent while complying with current and  future regulations.  Our core values have not steered away  from its inception of integrity,  honesty,  respect and to provide quality products and excellent customer service.

We offer products for the preventive maintenance  for autos as well as for Auto Dealers  as with Quick Lubes or other facilities that provide auto services.  Besides automotive products, we also have other types of products such as: spill pads for oil spills, ecofriendly spill mitigation materials, lubrication equipment, pneumatic pumps, meters, oil reels and other types of fluid, and our 100% biodegradable hand cleaner, among others.

Our History

The Beginning

We decided to become a start-up company with combined experience in the automotive and administration industry that makes for a great formula for entrepreneurs. We began selling our first star product; Vanish from our humble home. We introduced, marketed this eco-friendly hand cleaner when our client base was not as receptive in purchasing products that are good for our environment and do their job in cleaning your hands with almost no allergic reactions.  Since then, we have maintained our vision of representing quality products and excellent customer service.

Agradecidos Por Siempre

With a lot of effort and thanks to our business relationships with one of our main customers, we had the opportunity to purchase automotive inventory products from a company in the automotive industry.  The title in this section is how our company name was born APS (Agradecidos Por Siempre, which translated means Thankful Always)  Automotive & Industrial Supply, Inc. 


We have been able to diversify offering other secondary or aftermarket products that all service area facilities may use as well as ecofriendly products that are good for our planet.  Despite many external challenges, we proudly count on the support of our main suppliers as business partners who have facilitated our excellent business relationship with our client base for the past 12 years.

New Website Launch

Keeping  up with the times,  without  sacrificing    our essence, we are transforming our corporate image  in both social media and our website (with a new look on our web page). We invite you to explore what APS has to offer.  If you cannot find what you are looking for or need additional information, please contact us and we will be glad to comply in any way we can.